Residential Development:
We have designed water, sewer and stormwater facilities, roads and site layout and grading for numerous subdivisions, multifamily, and affordable housing development projects.

We have developed drainage, erosion and sediment control, site grading, driveway design, and water supply plans for over 500 single family homes on Bainbridge Island and throughout the Puget Sound ranging from small cottages to very large custom homes. We work with owners, architects and contractors to create plans tailored to the needs of each client and each property. We emphasize stormwater infiltration, dispersion and other low impact development methods to minimize costs and provide environmental protection.

Commercial Development:
Commercial and mixed use development are key elements of our services. Our work includes planning, design, permitting and construction services for site grading, roadway, utility and stormwater management elements. We work closely with architects, owners, contractors and regulatory agencies to meet project goals.

We are leaders in use of low impact development measures to reduce environmental impacts and to reduce cost of conventional stormwater management facilities.

Public Projects:
Browne Wheeler Engineers Inc. has performed similar services for churches, schools and parks.

Municipal Services:
We plan and design water, sewer, and drainage faclities for municipalities, utility districts, and private utlity companies.

Camelia Apartments

Gateway Project

Bainbridge Library Parking