Selected Municipal Services  
Water Supply.
Browne Engineering, Inc. has provided planning, design and construction administration services for the City of Bainbridge Island, Island Utiltiy Company, North Bainbridge Water Company (now KCPUD), Bainbridge Island Park and Recreation District and other small water purveyors. Projects have included computer fire flow and system hydraulic analysis, design of pipelines, well facilities and storage tanks. We have prepared watershed protection plans, water quality monitoring plans, and overall water system plans.
  Sewer Design.
Browne Engineering, Inc, has designed sewer lines and lift stations as part of municipal systems. Recent projects have included City of Bainbridge Island Horizon View LID 21 and extensions of the sewer system in the City of Port Townsend. We recently designed a large sewer lift station in the Bainbridge Island system as part of the Vineyard Lane project.